Let's go to...

Let's go to Shoppori​​​
Musashi-Koganei, Japan
Shoppori is a great place to go to. This family run izakaya is famous for fresh sashimi, tempura, and many small plate offerings. Truley amazing is their sake selection. I am always surprised at the variety, and quality. Shoppori is only 3 min. walk from Musashi-Koganei Station, and easy to find. I just wanted to share with everyone, because it's really a great place to party.
Let's go to Baird Brewery in Izu 
Shuzenji, Japan
I was shocked to see a big brewery out there in the countryside of Shuzenji, while we were riding bikes that we rented at the station. That town is where they will hold some of the cycling events for the 2020 Olympics. That area is very beautiful. The beer was great, and the staff was friendly. Just wanted to share this fun place.​