These are some of the places I really like in Tokyo, and around Japan. Maybe you can find some new places to go.

Midori Sushi​​​​
Kichijoji, Tokyo

Ok, so this place might not be so unknown, but I have to say it is really great. The fish is so fresh, the sake is always fabulous, and it's not that expensive. Since it's right inside the station, it's easy to find.
Midori Sushi - Atre' Kitchijoji
1-1-24 Kitchijoji Minamicho Musashino, Tokyo
+81 42-227-5581

Yoyogi-Uehara, Tokyo

This is my favorite place for chinese food. It's amazing to watch the owner create his stunning dishes, right in front of you. They can get quite busy, so it's a good idea to make a reservation.
3-2-3 Nishihara Shibuya, Tokyo
+81 3-3469-9333

Yakitori Ryunoji​​​​
Musashi-Koganei, Tokyo

Ah, the smell of grilled chicken skewers over special charcoal. This is what yakitori is all about. Everything is so good here including the drinks. The beer is cold, the cocktails are refreshing, and they offer many kinds of great sake The owner, Takahiro-san is so kind, and he's fun to watch.
Yakitori Ryunoji
2-20-2 Honcho Koganei, Tokyo
+81 42-2387-5420

Y​akitori Tamaya​​​​​
Kichijoji Tokyo

If you like to party as much as I do, you must come here. They have brought the style of yakitori to an absolute art form. Every dish is well thought out, and unique. They really knock it out of the park! 
Yakitori Tamaya
1-34-2 Honcho Kitchijoji Musashino, Tokyo

+81 42-227-6165

Kokubunji, Tokyo

This wonderful place is an izakaya with an Italian flair. They always use such fresh ingredients, along with a creative touch, to make such great dishes. The drinks are great, and they have quite a variety of wines.
2-11-28 Minami-cho Kokubunji, Tokyo

+81 42-323-4519
Yakitori Tsun
Musashi-Koganei, Tokyo
I found a great Yakitori restaurant in Musashi-Koganei. It's called, "Tsun." The food is fantastic, drinks are perfectly made, and the staff is so friendly. I believe they really enjoy what they're doing. Thank you everyone at Tsun! I can't wait to come back.
Yakitori Tsun
5-18-5 Honcho Koganei, Tokyo

+81 42-316-6039

Hee Haw
Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan

I always have the best time at Hee-Haw. The name alone makes me laugh. The owner, Macki-chan, and his wife Katue, get the party going with not only great food, and drinks, but live music too. Macki-chan is a lively country guitar player, so it's never a dull moment.
4-24-1 Nakano-ku, Tokyo

+81 3-3384-6657
Musashi-Koganei, Tokyo
Neva-ya is one of my favorite places to party. Their cocktails, are so good, and they have many izakaya style dishes. I really like this umaibo. It’s like a giant cheese puff with different flavors added. You can tell from the package that this one is shrimp-mayo flavor.
3-4-3-101 Koganei, Tokyo

+81 42-316-3394
Aitaiya Rock'n Kitchen
Musashi-Koganei, Tokyo
If your looking for great steak, this is the place. They have different cuts to choose from, and many other creative dishes as well. You might even get to hear some live music, because the owner, Tomo-san is a fantastic guitar player, singer, and songwriter.
Aitaiya Rock'n Kitchen
2-9-11 Honch Koganei, Tokyo

+81 42-384-7069
Ikegami, Tokyo
This is an fabulous izakaya. I can't stop thinking about their tebasaki (chicken wings). All of their dishes are creative, and delicious.
They are famous for the special pork they use, and everything is so fresh. I especially enjoy their cocktails. The owner Yone-san, is a professional wrestler, and is so friendly.
3-35-7 Ikegami Ota-ku, Tokyo

+81 3-3751-3050
Musashi-Koganei, Tokyo
This family run izakaya is famous for fresh sashimi, tempura, and many small plate offerings. Truely amazing, is their sake selection. I am always surprised at the variety, and quality. Shoppori is only 3 min. walk from Musashi-Koganei Station, and easy to find.
Don't miss this great izakaya in Musashi-Koganei
5-17-3 Honcho Koganei, Tokyo

+81 42-3384-1145
Shubihani Hiroshi
Higashi-Koganei, Tokyo
I highly recommend this creative izakaya style restaurant. They always have many kinds of great sake, and shochu, and their cocktails are intoxicating. The owner Hiroshi-san, is very kind, and it's a lot of fun to watch him make such fresh, and inventive dishes.
Don't miss this great izakaya in Higashi-Koganei
Shubihani Hiroshi
4-41-2 Higashicho Koganei, Tokyo

+81 42-301-5533
Midaino  Yu
I'm so happy I found this great hot spring hotel in Chichibu. There are many hot springs in this area, but this one is over 400 years old. This one is truely one of the best. The food
was expertly prepared with an amazing variety of local items. I even had my own private bath with beautiful scenery.
If you get a chance, please visit this lovely hot spring hotel in Chichibu.
"Midaino Yu" Arakikousen Ryokan
1538-1 Yamada Chichibu, Saitama

+81 494-23-2641